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Associated member of ROSSNGS

Certification according to standardISO 9001:2008
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Main activities

  • construction and modernisation of gas and oil transmittal pipelines
    (line pipelines, compressor and pumping units)
  • construction and modernisation of line (intrafield) and
    process (on-site) piping networks
  • construction and modernisation of on-site facilities and
    oil and gas production units (CGP, BPS, CPS, CS)
  • construction and modernisation of on-site facilities and
    oil and gas processing units (oil refineries, gas treatment plants)
  • construction and modernisation of facilities
    electric energy utilities (transformer substations, HV lines, closed switchgears, electric substations)


  • Long-distance pipeline Tikhoretsk-Tuapse-2, construction of Tikhoretsk-Zarechye section. Line pipeline, km 30,269 - km 97,610
  • Tank car loading rack for WSLH with stock tanks near the city of Noyabrsk
  • Long-distance product pipeline from Gubkinsky GPP to Muravlenkovsky GPP with the length of 122 km, equipped with block valve stations and HV lines.
  • Unfinished construction of long-distance product pipeline Gubkinsky GPP - Nizhnevartovsk GPP - South-Balyk GPP - Tobolsk GPP with the length of 976.4 km. Installations 1,2.
  • Construction and modernisation of facilities at South-Balyk pipeline operation control station
  • Long-distance gas pipeline Urengoy-Chelyabinsk, II line. Replacement of defective piping.